Pet sitting in your home


Pet sitting allows your pets to stay in their home where they are familiar and most comfortable while you are at work, are on a business trip, have an emergency, or are on vacation


While puppies and dogs require more continual care and exercise cats also need attention when you are away and/or are working longer hours. 



Some of the advantages of using Black Dog Pet Sitting services are that your pets will:


  1. - Always have the same three people coming and going when you are not available.

    1. - We only allow those on our insurance to go into your home.


  3. - Not stressed out from being in a boarding facility/kennel/another unfamiliar house where there are many barking

  4.   dogs or a lot of different people/pets coming and going.

  5. - You do not have to pick up your pets at a certain time because they are at home.


      - Less chance of illness than boarding.


      - Rabies is the only vaccination that we require to be up to date because the County requires it.

              - It is your choice which vaccines you want your pet to have, not ours.       





Professional Pet Sitter vs Neighbor/Hobby Sitter



Black Dog Pet Sitting provides outstanding pet care and we feel that our rates reflect our professionalism, attention, and love that is given to your pets. We understand that you have many options to consider when looking at hiring a professional sitter or a neighbor/hobby sitter. Please keep in mind that professional pet sitters are bonded, licensed, and insured. We also have forms that need to be filled out including a contract and veterinary release form. We have been in many difficult situations and have contacts with veterinarians should a problem arise. While your neighbor/hobby sitter may cost less than a professional they may not have the experience and resources to care for you pet in an unplanned situation. We take pet sitting very seriously and will be there as scheduled for your pets. We are members of many pet sitting groups, utilize webinars to increase our knowledge base, and stay up to date on pet care industry trends. You wont have to worry when Black Dog Pet Sitting is there. 


In addition to the quality of care that we provide to your pets we will never let anyone look after them or go into your home that is not on our insurance unlike the hobby sitters may do. With the growing number of people that want pet sitting for their pets you need to be careful about who you let into your home. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is the last situation that any pet owner/home owner wants to be in. 


Ask yourself the following questions: 


     - What will I do if my neighbor/hobby sitter has to suddenly cancel due to an accident, health reasons, or a family emergency?

     - Will I be able to find another sitter before my trip begins?  What if I have already left for my trip and I can't be reached?

     - Do I know for a fact that the person I hire is the only one that will be in my home?                 

     - What assurances does my sitter have that they will be the only one entering my home? 

     - Do I want to take a chance on an uninsured neighbor/hobby sitter watching my pet(s) and home?           


If something happens while you are away please know that we are licensed, insured, and bonded pet sitters. Our name is our guarantee that we say what we mean and mean what we say. If your neighbor/hobby sitter decides to stop providing services or lets anyone into your home will they have any recourse? I know Black Dog Pet Sitting will. Our reputation to provide the best experience for you and your pets is very important to us. We will always go above and beyond to help our clients. Please think about all of this before you make your decision to hire anyone for your pets and your home. Thank you for considering Black Dog Pet Sitting. We look forward to meeting you and having you as part of our extended family.

 Upon request Black Dog Pet Sitting will:


 - Email/text pictures/updates (if requested)

 - Bring in your mail and/or paper (when requested)

- Take out and bring in your trash can (when requested)



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Port Charlotte, FL


Member of Professional United Pet Sitters LLC


Member of Pet Sitters Associates LLC