Black Dog Pet Sitting started as an idea back in 2013.

In April 2014 we left our home in Maine and

moved our family down to Florida.


We chose the name Black Dog because in the 

shelters black animals are usually the last to be

adopted and we wanted to bring awareness to that. 

We advocate for all animals but we especially

advocate for black animals because they are

just as great as any other animal.


We are family owned and operated. We really love

all of our clients and appreciate the trust you put in

us to care for them and your home while you are away. Your fur babies will get the love and care

that they need whether it is a daily walk or

a week long pet sitting.


While our name is Black Dog Pet Sitting

we sit for any dog breed, any color,

and any size from toy to giant.


The picture to the right shows our dogs hanging out together in our yard on a warm summer morning.


South Gulf Cove

Port Charlotte, FL


Member of Professional United Pet Sitters LLC


Member of Pet Sitters Associates LLC